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The basic assumption was very enlightening to me.

You see, here is how it goes.

Most people when looking at their stats panel through cpanel or google analytics are looking at referring urls to see what other sites traffic is coming from. The thing is, with twitter because of their unique api, the stats in Google Analytics or Cpanel are not tracking it properly. The truth is, that whatever the number you see in clicks straight from twitter, you can estimate that you are getting about 4 times a much traffic from twitter than what you are seeing in your referral urls.

For a more detailed explanation of why, click here

There was a test on links explicitly made for only promotion on twitter to count the links clicked on. And you can even do this yourself. What you need to do is use a free link tracking service like:


Create a link with your website with a service like this that tracks clicks.

Then post this link exclusively on your twitter profile page.

You will see that the number of twitter referring urls does not match up with the actual clicks on your unique tracking link.

This is because twitters api and sharing methods, mean that your link will go viral on facebook, and other sites, profiles all over the web, and the majority of traffic coming to your site will show up as DIRECT TRAFFIC and not properly accredited to twitter where it originates from.

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